What To Know About Moving In The Fall

If you’re looking to move during the fall months, there are a few key things you should know and few things you can do to prepare for this specific season. We’re diving right in by listing them below!

What You Should Know…

You’re Saving Money By Waiting Until After September

Summer is by far the most popular moving season, which means prices are generally higher for a mover anywhere you look. During the fall and winter months, there’s less demand. This means you’ll find lower prices for professional movers, like us!

You Should Be Able to Choose Your Ideal Moving Date

As an added bonus of the summer season being over, you should also be able to choose your ideal moving date more easily. However, you’ll still want to call ahead and plan your move as soon as you have that ideal date in mind!

What You Can Do…

Schedule Your Move to Make the Most of The Daylight Hours

During the fall, we lose more and more of our precious daylight. If you’re worried about getting everything done before nightfall, remember to check when sunset is and talk with us to calculate what time we should start the moving process.

Pack According to the Season

Save yourself the stress of packing summer items that you won’t be using again by going through your things before you move and seeing what you’ll want to keep. You can also group together key items you know you’ll be using as soon as possible in fall (like your crockpot, baking sheets, cookie cutters, etc.) and keep other seasonal items in storage. Make sure you have your rain boots and raincoats at the ready as well!

Try to Prepare Your Walkways For the Fall Season

Fall can be unpredictable, but one thing’s for sure in Indiana – the leaves are going to fall! Before you move, clear the pathways of both your old home and your new home of slippery leaves. One option is to keep a broom handy near the pathways, so as leaves fall you can sweep them away. This will help in the moving process and also will help to keep your house clean!

Also, you might want to place a tarp or two down inside your house if the weather is looking bad. This helps to keep your floors clean and dry.

Have a great fall move!

We’re here rain or shine to help you have the best fall move you could want. Request a free estimate today at the top of the page and see if this autumn will be the perfect time for you to move!

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