7 Packing Tips for a Successful Move

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hogan-moving-tipsPacking is usually one of the hardest and most dreaded parts of moving. If you are looking for advice on where to begin, how to pack efficiently, and how to stay organized, check out some of our packing tips below.

Before you pack your first box, part with all your excess items.

 We all have things we look at and think – do I really need this? Do I even use this? Moving is a time that gives you the chance to start fresh and clean out the items you no longer need or want.

By clearing out your used treasures before you pack, you’ll have a cleaner work space. Plus, you’ll be able to pack faster than if you were sorting through what you want to keep and leave at once. If you need help with ways to sell your items, click here.

 Keep all your moving information in once place.

When you’re packing, your house will undoubtedly get a bit messy and chaotic. If you have moving reservations, cash for a mover, hotel reservations, pet records, or any other documentation you will need throughout your move, put it in a special folder and in a place you won’t accidentally pack it.

Pack a suitcase for each family member with all your essentials.

After a day of moving, you might be exhausted and unable to unpack. Instead of searching through boxes to find the items you’ll need to go to sleep and get started the next day, pack your essentials in a suitcase a few days before the move.

Save money on packing materials by using your spare clothes to wrap breakable objects.

By using your spare clothes, you won’t need to buy extra bubble wrap, and you’ll simultaneously be packing your clothes as well. To save money on packing materials, you can also use other items you have around the house like towels or newspaper.

Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for light items. 

By doing this, you won’t over pack a box with heavy items that it realistically can’t hold. Items that are good for small boxes are books, small but heavy decorative items, large bottles filled with liquid, and more. Items that would be good for larger boxes include linens, pillows, etc.

Place heavier items at the bottom of boxes.

 To make sure your items stay safe, place heavier items at the bottom of a moving container and place the lighter items on the top. You should be conscious of the breakability of these different items and wrap them with an appropriate amount of packing material.

Mark each box with the room name, number, and a description of what’s inside.

Movers might help you take the items directly to the rooms. By numbering the boxes, you’ll know if one is missing after the move. And finally, with all this information, you can create a document that lists each box and the contents inside, that way you won’t have to search around wondering where everything is.

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