Escape Winter in These 5 Top Retirement Cities

With winter on its way, many people are thinking about heading to a warmer destination for their retirement or just to escape the Indiana cold for a few months.

If you’re wondering what place you should head to this winter and why, we’ve put together a brief list for you!

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is nestled on the Gulf and averages warm temperatures year-round. The town itself has a thriving downtown area but is also surrounded by smaller communities that allow you to have direct access to the beach.


  • Population: 52,000 (not including metro area)
  • Average January Temperature: Low – 52, High – 71
  • Average Snowfall:  0
  • Unique Benefit: If you’re a fan of music and art, Sarasota is the home of the Ringling Museum of art and the Florida West Coast Symphony.  

Scottsdale, Arizona

Although Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix, it has its own atmosphere. The town offers plenty of ways to both relax and be active – with numerous spas, golf courses, hiking areas, and beautiful weather to make you feel alive during the winter months.


  • Population: 227,471
  • Average January Temperature: Low – 43, High – 66
  • Average Snowfall:  0
  • Unique Benefit: If you’re a big fan of culinary delights, the Scottsdale’s Culinary Festival, is one of the longest-running food festivals in the U.S. The event showcases many of the restaurants, wineries, breweries and chefs in the area.

Fredericksburg, Texas

If you’re looking for a warm, small-town to move to, Fredericksburg, Texas could be your place. And although it’s small, it’s relatively close to two big cities – Austin, Texas directly to the east and San Antonio to the south-east.


  • Population: 11,000
  • Average January Temperature: Low – 34, High – 60
  • Average Snowfall:  0
  • Unique Benefit: The town is quaint and packed with history, like the Nimitz Hotel that is now a WWII Museum.

Athens, Georgia

If you’re looking for a town that’s full of energy and activity to move or retire to, Athens is your place. It’s a college town that’s also known for its famous music scene and has a variety of housing options for all ages.


  • Population: Just over 100,000
  • Average January Temperature: Low – 33, High – 54
  • Average Snowfall:  3”
  • Unique Benefit: Fourteen of Athens’ neighborhoods are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Wildcard: Asheville, North Carolina

Maybe you enjoy winter, but you’re just ready to do it in a different place. Asheville, North Carolina has been one of “10 Best Places to Retire” by US News & World Report. It’s located in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains, next to the Great Smoky Mountains, giving you plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.


  • Population: 224,000
  • Average January Temperature: Low – 28, High – 47
  • Average Snowfall:  13.3”
  • Unique Benefit: Although you’ll have a more temperate winter, in Asheville, you’ll still get all four seasons and the ability to enjoy the snowfall for a bit!

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