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Hogan Moving has been in business since 1927, and we would not have made it this long without the support of fantastic drivers. Our truck drivers are independent contractors, and one team that has contracted with us since 1999 is the husband and wife driving team, Dave and Beverly.

As drivers, Dave and Beverly provide all types of moves across the country: military, household, COD, and more. They see it all and do it all while traveling with their cat and copilot, Jessie. They have won the Mayflower Driver of the Year award twice.

We’re excited to interview Dave and Beverly today so you can learn what it means to be a driver, why they’ve chosen to work with Hogan Moving, and more.

What does it mean to be a driving team? 

“In our particular case, it means we’re a husband and wife moving team. We share the responsibility of driving. 

We’re probably together more than most married couples since we’re together all of the time. We work well together and play well together and wouldn’t be driving it if it wasn’t something we liked to do. 

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s an awesome lifestyle for those who enjoy it. It really works for us.”  

Why do you like working with Hogan Moving?

“As independent contractors, we’re proud to provide world-class moving services and can choose which companies we want to work with to do that. 

We’re no BS people, and we’ve worked with Hogan since 1999 because Hogan has always been squared away. The people at Hogan want to serve their customers well, and that’s what we care about doing too.” 

What did it mean to you to win the Mayflower Driver of the Year Award twice?

“It’s nice to have the acknowledgment of what we’re doing out there. 

Really, we’re old school. We like doing good work. Driving and managing someone’s move is not a job to us, it’s a lifestyle. 

We realize that when we’re moving someone, for that week we have their entire life in our possession. When we’re done, we want to leave that person feeling like they person has had a good move. 

When we show up to move someone, that person has won the moving lottery. It’s just a fact. We’re the A+ team.” 

What’s your favorite place to travel?

“We try to take moving jobs that will take us to California. We enjoy going out there, packing our bicycles, and riding the bike paths out there. Along the way, from all of our years of doing it, we’ve found our favorite haunts.” 

What is one thing about your job/lifestyle that you don’t think people understand? 

“In household goods, most people have no concept of what truck driving entails, let alone all the different factors that affect a coast to coast move. There’s planning, proactivity, making sure the customer is prepared. Then you physically load them, communicate transportation across the country. Sometimes you face obstacles like the weather or pandemic. Overall, as a driver, you’re trying to make sure the move goes smoothly. 

It’s more than just driving a truck across the country, and drivers are way more involved if they want to make it a successful move. The drivers at the top, like us, have perfected their craft to do it well.”

What advice would you give to someone considering truck driving/moving as a career?

“Be honest with yourself about the reality. We’ve seen a ton of people come and go. 

Some people aren’t suited for the lifestyle. We’re not evangelists for it. You have to have the right personality and a sense of the kind of the way you want to live. 

We love camping out every day. Is that suitable for most people? Absolutely not, but we love it. 

Be honest with yourself, and be willing to work hard both mentally and physically.

Be extremely proactive with any endeavor. Make sure you’re not causing problems for yourself by putting something off or by not being proactive.” 

What is your favorite part of being drivers?

“We both enjoy the fluidity of travel. We feel like we’re on a permanent vacation, and we just happen to be taking somebody’s possessions with us. 

And, we enjoy the feeling of completing a move and seeing satisfied customers. That feeling, doing a good job, is every bit as important as the money we make. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We’d like to share accolades for the strong group of people we’ve worked with at Hogan. From the owner to Bob and Kevin at dispatch. We have a good working relationship with Hogan, they’re really solid people that care about serving their customers. 

We wouldn’t be working with an agent who didn’t care. 

We want to do a good job and work with people who care, and that’s what we have with Hogan.”

Move with Hogan Moving and our Team of Drivers

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    Katie B. Las Vegas, NV
  • The moving crews were pleasant, really great to work with and very helpful.

    Patty M. Indianapolis, IN
  • Every part of your team did a fabulous job… Your team was awesome.  I have moved across the country many times, and have never had such a great experience.

    Terri D. Indianapolis, IN
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    Mark D Indianapolis
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    Carroll K Bloomington
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    Judy V Indianapolis, IN
  • The move went very well. They were great, professional, and on time!

    Neal C. Indianapolis, IN
  • Thanks for your help, the movers are so professional!!

    Jay H. Greenwood, IN
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    Bonnie S. Avon, IN

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